Facebook Fallowers


(Real People to Follow you and see your Content)

"Weekly Cost / Weekly Payments"

Basic Plan

500 Post Likes Daily / Weekly
3000 Page Likes Weekly

Medium Plan

1000 Post Likes Daily / Weekly
7000 Page likes Weekly

Advanced Plan

3000 Post Likes Daily / Weekly
21,000 page Likes?Weekly

Superior Plan

5000 Post Likes Daily / Weekly
35,000 Page Likes?Weekly

Master Plan

10,000 Post Likes Daily / Weekly
70,000 Page Likes Weekly


The likes in the publications (posts) will be added daily, while the likes in the pages will be added weekly.

If it exceeds more than 70 publications per week, it would be in its weekly payment limit. This way, a daily publication is recommended with each weekly plan. Another option is to pay an extra service to finish the week.

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